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     Zhengzhou Jianbu Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a production and operation of quality products, provide quality services to enterprise production and management services, water treatment equipment she is committed to the research, development and installation of various services, and information on a variety of water treatment And various water purification materials related to the exchange.
Drinking wate

Zhengzhou Jianbu Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd (JNB) is an integrated company providing solutions to water treatment, wastewater system and process-related problems.
JNB equipments have been successfully apllied to the fields of drinking water, pharmacy, chemical industry, food & beverage production, laboratory as well as manufacturing industry etc.
With over 10 years experience in the water industry, JNB has developed a strong reputation for technical development, the new systems ADT (Automatic Deep Treatment) & MV (Movable Unit)specially designed for fieldworks have been widely used based on optimized features.
JNB will continously work to meet its customers' needs through applying advanced scientific principles and techniques to develop practical solutions to challenges in a further variety of industries and applications.

Zhengzhou Jianbu Water Treatment Equipment Co.,Ltd

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