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Drinking wate
  Zhengzhou Jianbu Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. sincerely welcome people of insight throughout the company business agent, home series of water treatment equipment and spare parts sales, I guarantee companies to enter agents zero risk, low-cost operation, the output of high interest. You only need to purchase the first time no less than 5,000 yuan (Shixiao products may first three months, sales during the trial do not pay any fees), the other promotional materials, technical training (Location: Zhengzhou), technical support and after-sales service, such as by the We do. To use your local human resources network edge and high sales of enthusiasm I can enjoy your company's products to the huge profits. (Please refer to cooperate with intelligence agent agreements and annex)
   Zhengzhou Jianbu Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is willing to help one another with you, jointly write a new chapter in the cause.

Agents Acting conditions
● Must have an independent legal personality and a clear operational thinking, have a strong  sense of quality and brand development vision。
● Have a certain quality of independent operators, with the proper operation of the start-up  funds。
●Have the ability to market management, preferably a similar home appliances, tools,  equipment and other products sales experience.
● Have office space. Shop requires at least 20 square meters over the place, and fully  equipped.
● Have a well-developed sales channels.

Acting Process
1. Acting fill out the application form, according to the correct address should be sent to  the company.
2. The company received an application, the audited contrast, will be given two days notice  and negotiations related issues.
3. The two sides of mutual benefits, equality and voluntary participation, and a win-win  principle of good faith, signed a formal cooperation agreement.
4. To the Ministry of Finance for the purchase price, and other related procedures, the  agreement came into effect after both partners for licenses
5.Technology related to the principle that health knowledge, installation techniques, such as  training.
6. Guidance facade decoration company and product display.
7. Customers a restocking
8. Cooperation officially opened, the company presented opening of publicity materials
9. Product sales promotion.